Fact Sheets

We’re here to Help.  Know the Facts

We have prepared a range of fact sheets to help you with your salary package. Select from the topics below.

To start salary packaging is easy.

Maximum $15,900 for Charity, Aged Care, Disability Services etc.

Maximum $9,010 for Hospitals

Holiday Accommodation and Meal Entertainment Explained

What are the implications for Centrelink, Child Support, HELP, Medicare Levy?

Salary Packaging and Meal Entertainment Cards

The cost of a portable electronic device used

You can make additional superannuation contributions from your salary pre tax

Understanding Salary Packaging and your Income Statement (Payment Summary)

Novated leasing explained

Holiday Accommodation (‘Venue Hire’) – Additional $2,650

You can claim the cost of a dine-in meal

You can calculate your own tax savings by heading over to our tax calculator. Interested in a tax effective way of running a car? Check out our page on car leasing.

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