Salary Packaging – it’s easy

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How to save tax

Salary packaging allows you to save income tax on your wages. It is a unique opportunity only available to employees of not-for-profits, and the limit for general household expenses is $15,900. If you have never salary packaged before, or are new to GO Salary, we highly recommend you watch our introduction to NFP salary packaging video. Our presenter, Ben, will explain in 10 minutes how salary packaging works, show you a payslip, give you tips on what bills to salary package and demonstrate how to get started. Best of all, it’s in plain English.

If you still have questions, you can Ask Amy, email, or call us on (03) 9955 7380.

Public health and ambulance services

For those who work in public health or ambulance services, the limit for general household expenses is $9,010. Please watch your introduction to salary packaging below.