Salary Packaging and Meal Entertainment Cards

Salary packaging cards are very popular

They are easy to use and paperless. GO Salary offers a Salary Packaging card for everyday household expenses, and a Meal Entertainment card for dining and holiday accommodation.

GO Salary has partnered with Beyond Bank, a member owned community bank and a leading provider of card solutions. 

Benefits of our Cards

  • Paperless. There is no need to provide proof of expenses (receipts and invoices).
  • Paywave. Just touch to make purchases. The cards fully compatible with Apple Pay and Android Pay.
  • Worldwide acceptance. Use your card for purchases anywhere in the world where VISA is accepted.
  • Access to balances and transaction history 24/7 via internet banking or the Beyond Bank mobile app.
  • Payment notification. Simply set push notifications on your Beyond Bank mobile app to let you know when your funds have been deposited.

Where can the Salary Packaging card be used? Everywhere!

The card is a VISA debit card and is therefore widely accepted in-store and online. Use your card to buy almost anything – including groceries and clothes, or to pay for your bills.

Are there any card restrictions? Yes.

You cannot take cash out of the card. Money cannot be transferred from the card, nor can you ‘top up’ your card with extra funds from your own bank account. These are ATO restrictions

Where can the Meal Entertainment card be used?

The card should be used for dine-in meals. Use your card to purchase meals at bistros, cafes, hotels, and restaurants. The dine-in meal must be for two or more persons. Catered functions (e.g. weddings and birthday parties) may also be paid for using the card.

Spend your balance by 31 March

For either card, you need to spend your funds by 31 March each year. This is the end of the salary packaging year. If you have a carry-forward balance on your card from 1 April, this can reduce the amount you can salary package in the following year.

Are there any Meal Entertainment card restrictions? Yes.

The card cannot be used for:

  • Takeaway (including drive-through and home-delivered meals)
  • Self catering (including groceries and bottle shop purchases)
  • Drinks only (for example, buying a coffee only)
  • Light refreshments (non dine-in meals, such as chips, pies, cakes, etc.)
  • Entertainment (e.g. movie tickets, amusement parks)

You cannot take cash out of the card. Money cannot be transferred from the card, nor can you ‘top’ up your card with extra funds from your own bank account. These are ATO restrictions.

What happens if my final pay of the salary packaging year is 31 March?

To give you time to spend your balance, we won’t make payments in the final week of March. You will still salary package the same amount annually – it’ll just be spread over one less pay (say, 25 fortnightly pays instead of 26).

Check your card balance quickly and easily

Download the Beyond Bank smartphone app. You can then check your balances and transactions live. You can also call Beyond Bank on 13 25 85.

How do I change my PIN?

You can do this quickly and easily using the Beyond Bank smartphone app.

I’ve lost my card/it has been stolen. What should I do?

Please call Beyond Bank on 13 25 85 immediately. They can close your card and issue a new one. Alternatively, this request can also be made via the Beyond Bank app.

How do I get started?

For new GO Salary members, apply now to get your salary packaging started in minutes. You can then select your cards and amounts when adding expenses to your salary package from My Salary Package.

Existing members can add a card by logging in here. You can then add a card from My Salary Package.

Need help?

Send us a message using your GO Salary inbox, email, phone (03) 9955 7380, or Ask Amy!