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70 Years+


Our leadership team has over 70 years of salary packaging experience.
$100 M+


Our payments are secure, paying over $100M annually.
750,000 +


Our system is purpose built for large scale transaction volumes.
1,000 +


We specialise in servicing medium to large NFP employers.
$1,000,000 +

R & D

Our expenditure so far on innovation. We are investing every day in our system.

Expect Beyond a Service

You care for your employees. So do we. GO Salary provides a unique, caring salary packaging service for NFP employers. We are understanding, empathetic and personal.

We call our solution, GO Care. It’s the benchmark in service excellence.

Personal Care to Members

Every employee is a member, not a number. We live the salary packaging experience together. Every member is looked after by their 'Care Manager'. There is no call centre. For us, its personal.

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Salary Packaging Made Easy

We have removed the service 'friction', being endless paperwork and service requests. Using our unique, innovative technology, the member is in control, just like online banking. Full access and control is provided to members 24/7, via a phone, tablet or desktop. It's so easy.

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Individual Solutions

Nobody should have a ‘bad’ salary packaging experience, but almost everyone has a story. We proactively manage every salary package. We work ‘behind the scenes’, managing issues such as Centrelink, HELP debts and ‘company cars’. We guarantee individual solutions.

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Extra Attention for Payroll

We care about Payroll. Our solution allows Payroll full remote access, secure data and payment uploads, accessible reporting, compliance certification and personal support by a dedicated ‘Care Manager’.

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How We Help – You Choose

Our members choose their level of care. They can have personal contact with their Care Manager or manage their salary package like their banking, online. We also have 24/7 help from 'Ask Amy'. Together, we find a solution for every member.

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In-house Tax Expertise

ATO compliance is essential. Our expertise is in- house. Anton Gaudry is a Chartered Accountant, has a Masters in Taxation (UNSW) and over 30 years taxation experience. A quality service is assured.

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The Solution with Care. Let’s GO !

The GO Salary team has over 70 years of experience in providing care. That’s what your employees deserve.

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The best way to understand how GO Salary's interactive salary packaging experience can benefit your organisation and staff is to see it in action! We walk the walk, and only need 20 minutes to show you through the key features and benefits. Want to try it for yourself? We can give you access to our test system to take it for a spin. Email getgo@gosalary.com.au, or phone (03) 9955 7380.

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See our 'GO Care' approach

GO Salary can demonstrate our personal approach to service, which makes life easy for clients and members alike.

Flexible Communications

A unique communication system which gives members flexibility when it comes to interacting with GO Salary's friendly team.

Review our compliance system

It's fast and easy to supply and track proof of expenses with GO Salary.

It's so quick and easy to start!

See how fast our members can get started with salary packaging, and make changes where required.

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Making Salary Packaging Easy for Australian Not-For-Profits

GO Salary makes salary packaging easy for employees of not-for-profits. With a range of videos, fact sheets, calculators, reports and guides, our members have access to plain English information.

Payroll - You’re Our Hero!

Payroll plays such an important role in any salary packaging program. The GO Salary system has Payroll in mind with features such as:

  • Access to all employee salary packages
  • Online reporting, updated daily
  • Secure data upload feature for each pay run
  • Offline payment capability
  • Customisable pay file formats

Payroll is the unsung hero of any salary packaging program. Our system is designed around their needs.

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Start Salary Packaging - Instantly

Your employees have access to our interactive salary packaging experience. It’s the same approach as online banking. It’s live, it’s real…it’s freedom!

  • Employees join online, in an instant
  • Helpful videos guide employees through the application process
  • The salary package commences the next available pay, so tax savings are immediate
  • Employee now a ‘Member’ – for us, it’s personal…you’re not an ‘account’ or number

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Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team has a track record of salary packaging service excellence, with over 60 years' combined experience in assisting not-for-profits to get the most out of their available benefits. All GO Salary clients have direct access to each of our leaders, including mobile, direct landline, and email. Our leaders support a friendly and skilled member services team, which supports clients and members across Australia.

  • Tony Vitacca

    Director, Operations

    Tony has over 25 years' salary packaging experience, specialising in system design, operations and client technology interfaces. Prior to GO Salary, Tony was the Director of Operations at Advantage Salary Packaging (part of Smartgroup Corporation).

  • Ben Markovic

    Director, Client Services

    Ben has over 15 years' customer service experience in financial services, both in Australia and the UK. His passion is customer service and education. Ben prides himself on knowing each and every client, so he can go that extra mile.

  • Anton Gaudry

    Head of Partnerships and Community

    Anton is well known in the salary packaging industry, and brings a wealth of experience and technical expertise - he has a Bachelor of Economics, Masters in Taxation, is a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Taxation Advisor. Anton's commitment to the not-for-profit and health sectors extend beyond his professional career. In 2018, he established The Gaudry Foundation and Give 52.

Our Trusted Partners

GO Salary has partnered with other likeminded, trusted service providers. For example, Beyond Bank is our card provider and is 100% customer owned, returning value to our local communities.

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What is Salary Packaging?

Normally an employee’s salary and wages are taxable income and subject to tax. However, if you work for a not-for-profit organisation, such as a charity or a public hospital, there is a tax concession. This means that employees can earn a portion of their salary and wages tax-free.

The Australian Taxation Office set a limit. For charities and not-for-profits in sectors such as aged care, disability support, community services and medical research, the limit for general expenses is $15,900. For public hospitals and ambulance services, the limit for general expenses is $9,010. General expenses include rent and mortgage payments, school fees, other loans and credit card repayments. Accessing the tax concession is commonly referred to as ‘salary packaging’.

In addition to general expenses, employees can salary package $2,650 for dining (meal entertainment) and holiday accommodation expenses.

Why Salary Packaging?

Salary packaging can provide considerable income tax savings for employees of not-for-profits. This means an employee’s take home pay increases, as less tax is payable. Salary packaging is like a ‘pay rise,’ as it increases your net take home pay.

Salary packaging is also a great benefit to employers. Salary packaging improves employee retention and increases employment attraction in a competitive employment environment. You are providing a pay rise, but at no additional cost to the employer!

How Does Salary Packaging Work?

Normally an employee’s gross earnings are fully subject to income tax and the appropriate tax (PAYG) is withheld.

When an employee salary packages, the employer calculates the employee’s gross earnings each pay and deducts the salary packaging money from the gross earnings. Tax is only payable (withheld) on the reduced gross, so less tax is deducted. GO Salary pays the (tax free) salary packaging money and payroll pays the balance of an employee’s earnings. As a result of salary packaging, the employee has a higher net take-home pay each pay period.

Benefits of Salary Packaging

For employees, the benefits are obvious. Less tax is paid, which increases the employee’s take home pay every pay period. For employers, salary packaging can have a very positive impact on employee attraction, retention and morale. It is an offering which benefits all parties.

Who is GO Salary?

GO Salary is a team of professionals dedicated to providing a salary packaging solution with care. GO Salary provides our clients not only the best level of service, but also genuine care to each employee. That is what employees deserve. We provide our salary packaging services exclusively to not-for-profits.

GO Salary also has industry leading technology to complement our personal service care. Just like online banking, employees are ‘in control’ as they access our fully interactive salary packaging system. Our objective from the ‘get go’ was to innovate. In particular, listen to the wants, needs and expectations of the not-for-profit sector. The feedback from FBT exempt organisations was that a salary packaging service needs to be more innovative and ‘current.’ Further, it should be much more than just simply payments and compliance. The service should be a total care and a wellness approach to the needs of organisations and their employees. This is why GO Salary was created.

Why GO Salary?

We only service not-for-profits. We have a great understanding and empathy for the services they provide. Likewise, we provide a salary packaging solution with care, called ‘GO Care.’ Every employee is treated with the same standard of care that they deliver to their own clients.

The GO Salary team is comprised of friendly and highly skilled, qualified professionals. Collectively, they have over 100 years of salary packaging experience. We even have a Chartered Accountant with a Masters in Taxation. That gives our clients great comfort.

Technology complements our services. Clients have access to our salary packaging functions, communications and documentation 24/7. Our technology is just like using online banking. Easy, efficient, and informative. Once you use it … you can’t live without it!

GO Salary’s combination of service excellence and online interactivity is why we are an increasingly popular choice for not-for-profits. For more information, request an informative 20-minute live demonstration of our system and we can discuss your salary packaging requirements.

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