Meal Entertainment (‘Dining’) – Additional $2,650


You can claim the cost of a dine-in meal for two or more persons at a restaurant, pub, club, café or bistro.
Catered functions (eg. wedding, 21st, engagement etc.) may also be claimed.


All other food or entertainment costs, including:

  • take away (incl. drive thru meals)
  • self catering (incl. groceries, bottle shop purchases)
  • drinks only (incl. alcohol, coffee, tea)
  • light refreshments (non sit down meals, eg chips, pies, cakes etc.)
  • entertainment (eg. movie tickets, theme parks, amusement parks)


$2,650 (including ‘holiday accommodation’ claims).

Add to My Salary Package

Per Pay Claim: You can claim a full reimbursement of your holiday accommodation costs over a set number of pays (up to the limit of $2,650). For example, you could claim $1,200 over 6 pays = $200 a pay. You will need to provide proof of expenses (POE) at the time of the claim (otherwise your claim will be disallowed). Also, ensure your salary is sufficient to cover the claim amount, otherwise the claim will fail. The end of the year is 31 March, so also allow sufficient pays for your claim to be fully reimbursed. To add a holiday accommodation claim:

  • Go to the My Salary Package page; and
  • Select ‘Add Accomm./ Meals Receipts‘ and follow the simple instructions.

Meal Entertainment Card: This is the paperless option. Card may be used at restaurants, cafés, clubs, bistros, hotels and motels; wherever Visa is accepted. Refer to the ‘Salary Packaging Cards’ page for more information. You can select an amount per pay to go to the card. To add a card:

  • Go to the My Salary Package page; and
  • Select ‘Add Salary Packaging / Meal Card‘ and follow the simple instructions.


The Meal Entertainment Card option is paperless. Hence this is the preferred option by most employees
(mandatory by some employers).

Tax invoice from the restaurant, pub, club, café or bistro. Eftpos receipt is not suitable – we require the tax invoice. Overseas costs may be claimed, but you must show an $A value (from your credit card).

What Happens with my Pay?

The amount claimed will be deducted from your pay pre tax, in addition to any other benefits. The amount deducted is then either:

  • paid onto your Meal Entertainment Card each pay cycle; or
  • reimbursed into your nominated bank account as a single deposit with your other salary packaging deductions.

For example, if your annual value is $2,650, then $101.90 is deducted from your salary pre tax and paid onto your card or into your bank account each fortnight. Funds on the meal card must be spent by 31 March each year.


Yes, the benefit is reported on your Payment Summary. The value reported is the ‘grossed-up’ value, being a maximum of $2,650 x 1.8868 = $5,000.


Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!