‘When Will Our FBT Report Be Ready?’ and Other Common Year-End Questions from Employers

By Ben Markovic

As we get closer and closer to the end of the FBT year, we start to receive some familiar questions from employers who are experiencing their first year-end with GO Salary. We thought it might be a good idea to answer a few in the one place!

When will our FBT report be ready?

The great thing about GO Salary’s system is that all the data is live! We can therefore provide the FBT report to Finance teams within the first week of April. The only thing we need to wait for is the card report from the bank. Purchases can go through up until 31 March and we need to consider final closing balances before finalising our FBT report. Once that’s done, your report will be ready!

Remember that you can also run a year-to-date FBT report at any time via the employer portal.

How do we get our FBT report?

The FBT report will be sent via the secure GO Salary inbox. It will go to your nominated reports recipients and they will receive an external email confirming it’s ready. It’s just a matter of logging in, navigating to the inbox, and downloading the report! There’s no need to rush, either – remember that all messages and files will be stored in your GO Salary inbox until you delete or archive them.

If you have multiple pay groups with GO Salary (e.g. monthly and fortnightly, or different pay runs) then you’ll still receive on consolidated FBT report for all members.

Will there be instructions?

Yes, we add an instruction sheet to the FBT report so that you can understand and identify the key sections. This is helpful to organisations who are working with us for the first time. Existing finance teams will be accustomed to this format!


Are company car and novated lease details displayed in the report?

Absolutely. We create a separate worksheet which breaks down further details relating to cars. If you manage your fleet internally, you can keep a check on car updates by downloading the YTD report at any time via our portal. You can review and update us with any changes (e.g. if an employee has left and the car no longer needs to be reported under their name). If you have any questions about this, please speak to your Care Manager.

Is there a way to see all payments made by GO Salary?

For sure. Last year, we created an ‘all transactions’ report, which can be generated from the employer portal. This shows every payment made by GO Salary in the current FBT year. It will display non-reportable payments, such as electronic device claims, which don’t appear on the FBT report. You can run this report at any time.

Any other questions?

Just get in touch with your GO Salary Care Manager and they will be happy to chat! Alternatively, please get in touch over on the ‘contact us’ page. We’ll update this post with any further FAQs as we receive them.