Say It Better With Video!

By Ben Markovic

Salary packaging can be tricky to understand, especially when you have never done it before! So, we decided to use video to help explain things clearer. If you have never salary packaged before, or if you have participated for a long time but need a bit of a refresher, Ben will bring you up to speed. Click here to check it out.

Once you are across the basics of salary packaging, and are already underway, we have created a bunch of instructional videos within our online system. If you would like to add an expense (such as your rent payments or a meal card), or make changes (like updating your bank account), we have short videos to show you how to do so. You will see these on the pages once you log in.

Are there other topics you would like covered by video? Let us know by sending us a message from your GO Salary inbox, or by emailing