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Novated Leasing

Save time and money by packaging a car lease.

GO Salary provides a comprehensive and easy-to-understand novated leasing service – GO Leasing. Operating a car (or two) can be one of your family's largest expenses. GO Leasing can help you to save time and money by salary packaging a novated lease.

Why GO Leasing?

We take a refreshing, innovative approach to novated leasing. The GO Leasing team will:

  • Provide you with an easy-to-understand quote which is unlike any other. You will be equipped with complete, plain English information to help you make an informed decision;
  • Take time to understand your needs, and support you throughout the life of your lease; and
  • Act transparently and honestly – there will be no ‘hidden extras’. Additional services (such as GAP insurance) are provided on an opt-in basis only.

What are the benefits of a novated lease?

Here are some benefits which make novated leasing a popular way of owning a car.

  • Considerable tax savings. A large portion of your lease payments are made in pre-tax dollars. Also, no GST is payable on the vehicle purchase price or ongoing running costs.
  • Ease of use. Your car running costs are bundled into your salary packaged lease payments. All the budgeting is done for you.
  • Have an expert on your side. The GO Leasing team can shop around for the best price on your preferred car(s), so that you don’t have to. You will also have a quote and budget prepared for you, based on your lifestyle and requirements.

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