We Set Ourselves a Challenge. Think Different. Innovate. Deliver.

GO Salary is not your regular salary packaging provider. We pride ourselves on offering an innovative, service orientated, and fully interactive salary packaging experience. We have embraced today’s technology unlike any other service provider. Our clients and their employees are in total control of their salary package, whether it be from their mobile phone or desktop computer. It’s impossible to imagine banking without online banking. So, why do salary packaging providers typically only have limited online functions? That has now changed.

Our leading online technology complements our service obsession. We truly believe we are a service business with ‘old fashioned’ service values, such as providing every person a dedicated contact.

Service and System Features

Personal Service – Member

We have deliberately called client employees ‘Members’. They are one of us. That is how they should (and will) be treated. Every member has a personal GO Salary contact. So, no call centre, no email ‘bucket’, no offshore data processing. We like the old fashioned, personal service. That is what defines us.

Set-Up and Manage

Processing. That’s what kills any service. And it adds no value. So, we eliminated it! Your employees can set-up their salary package in minutes, but even more impressively, manage their own salary package online 24/7. Fully compatible with phone, tablet and desktop, this is a truly interactive salary packaging experience.

In-System Video, Ask Amy

Technology is your friend when developed right. All members have the ability to manage their salary package. We provide expert guidance with our in-system video instructions, as well as our AI inspired help service (‘Ask Amy’). Your Client Manager is also there to guide every client through our system and provide friendly support.

Payroll Friendly

Payroll is our best friend. Why? Because we have made our system payroll friendly with full remote access, secure data and payment uploads, user-friendly reporting, compliance certification and personal support (a dedicated Client Manager). That’s a big ‘Like’ from Payroll.

Contact Us, However It Suits You

We created our business today for today’s environment. Clients have personal access to our Directors and their designated Client Manager. We will arrange site visits, video meetings and interviews and provide taxation information across all topics (e.g. HELP debts, Child Support, Centrelink).

Secure, Cloud Based

We are secure. We operate our own cloud-based system, developed in-house and located on-shore. Equally important, we have the flexibility and agility to operate from any location, 24/7. This extends to our member phone services.

We invite you to ‘think different’ and experience the real difference GO Salary can provide your employees.

Otherwise, please contact us Ben or Tony on 03 9955 7380. Let’s GO!