Client Showcase – The Garvan Institute of Medical Research

By Ben Markovic

For this month’s showcase, we are shining the spotlight on The Garvan Institute of Medical Research! Founded in 1963, Garvan has grown to become a globally respected research institute, with a mission to harness all the information encoded in our genome to better diagnose, treat, predict and prevent disease.

Garvan’s research spans a range of diseases, from the rarest through to the most common. Garvan’s researchers have made significant breakthroughs for diseases including rare cancers and cancers of the breast, prostate and pancreas, immune deficiency and autoimmunity, COVID-19, diabetes and skeletal disease.

Recently, research led by the Garvan institute has discovered a possible approach to improve outcomes for a rare cancer known as neuroblastoma, which is usually found in young children. The research team identified microRNAs (short molecules of genetic material that turn off genes) which improved the effects of chemotherapy on neuroblastoma cells without being toxic to other cell types.

Garvan also played a key role during the COVID-19 pandemic, with skilled teams utilising their expertise to trace coronavirus evolution, engineering antibodies for protection, and developing tests to predict infection severity.

Garvan’s ‘Breakthrough’ magazine offers a fantastic look at the research work being performed by the Institute, and copies can be viewed online here:

Garvan’s leading research is funded through a combination of government grant and generous philanthropic investment from the community. To lend your support, please visit