Client Showcase – Baker Institute

By Ben Markovic

Our April 2022 Client Showcase is the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute.

The Baker Institute is Australia’s first health and medical research institute tackling diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

Their work extends from the laboratory to wide-scale community studies.  The integration of scientists with epidemiologists, clinicians and public health professionals is central to the Baker Institute’s strategy to better diagnose, prevent and treat diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

I recently learned cardiovascular disease is Australia’s biggest killer, causing one in four deaths and claiming the life of an individual every 12 minutes. ¹  We know diet and exercise are very important to your health risk. And last week, we saw some rather encouraging news from the Institute. Their researchers found that regular coffee intake, particularly at 2-3 cups a day, was associated with significant reductions in cardiovascular disease. 

professor peter kistler 1

Professor Peter Kistler explained there is a perception that caffeine is a common trigger for heart rhythm problems and doctors may often advise patients experiencing heart issues to stop drinking coffee.  But the research tells us that people shouldn’t feel discouraged about their coffee habits, but rather consider it part of a healthy diet. And that’s why science matters, so we’re informed by the evidence.

GO Salary is delighted to know that we can all continue to enjoy our beloved ‘go-go juice’ whilst reaping the very real health benefits!

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Reference 1: Australian Bureau of Statistics 2020. Causes of death 2019. Cat. no. 3303.0 Canberra: Australian Bureau of Statistics, October 2020.