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About Us

Welcome to GO Salary.

Welcome to GO Salary, an innovative salary packaging provider to the not-for-profit sector. For years, the feedback from FBT exempt organisations was that a salary packaging service needs to be more innovative and 'current'. Further, it should be much more than 'payments and compliance'. The service should be a total 'wellness' approach to the financial and related needs of employees. This is why GO Salary and its allied professional services was created.

Best Technology

GO Salary has embraced innovative, technological change. Today, more than ever, we have information and tools at our fingertips that empower every person. Our mobile devices are our means of communication, engagement and completion. This is why GO Salary's technology and client interface has been built around mobile technology. This puts our members in control of their salary package like never before.

Industry Experience

Experience is what counts. Our Directors, Tony Vitacca and Ben Markovic, have over 30 years' salary packaging experience combined.

Tony was previously Director of Operations at Advantage Salary Packaging. Tony spent over 13 years with Advantage managing its development and systems operations. After Advantage was acquired by ASX listed Smartgroup Corporation Ltd in 2015, Tony took a lead role within the Group in its salary packaging system upgrade. Tony's knowledge and experience has been invaluable to the development of GO Salary's system design and its operational workflows.

Likewise, Ben Markovic was at Advantage for almost 10 years. Ben's primary role was managing customer service and he was personally responsible for clients with in excess of 5,000 employees. Ben managed all aspects of client service at Advantage, developing skills and expertise that now benefits GO Salary clients.

The GO Group

Our objective from the 'get go' was to innovate. In particular, listen to the wants, needs and expectations of the not-for-profit sector. This is why the GO Group was created. Salary packaging is our core and we have developed relationships with like-minded businesses to enhance the GO Salary experience. Not only will our clients enjoy the best salary packaging service available, but they will also benefit from a suite of allied financial and 'wellness' services.

Let's GO

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